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LaVan Wright is currently based in Atlanta, Born in Queens NY, raised in Central Islip Long Island. Primarily an illustrator and designer he is an artist in tune with various mediums. Due to his optimistic exploration and a deep love for all forms of art lavan has been able to accomplish a lot with his ambition. His other mediums include, Tattooing, Murals, Acrylic & Oil paintings, Graphite, Marker, and ink illustrations. Lavans inspiration comes from his lifestyle which is an exciting roller coaster, His love and respect for women, comics, cartoons, anime, architecture, clothing designs, and product design. Living in a constant state of passion his camera roll is always filled with screenshots, hands always itching to create and he steps into every project with a childlike eagerness to absorb what's needed to excel.


 LaVan has been drawing ever since he was in diapers , proudly tracing his cousins drawings to frequently doodling in class. His professional career starter began in High school creating a clothing line with Brian Wright, and Desmond Attmore called Kreemo. Kreemo captured the attention of artists like Wiz Khalifa, Lupe Fiasco, Machine Gun Kelly, Mike Will Made It and Future early on. The grind they put in marketing to different colleges, multiple internships and support from friends was the spark for his design career. After graduating from Central Islip highschool with a drafting certificate he was already proficient in adobe illustrator, photoshop and autocad. After highschool he attended NYIT for architecture one semester, graphic design for a few others, then unlike many of his creative peers, Lavan decided to enlist into the Airforce in 2011 in search for discipline and opportunity. There he served for 6 years, receiving veteran status in 2017. While in the service he was a crew chief working on KC-10 aircrafts. During his deployment to Abu Dhabi Lavan painted a mural for his unit and released his first capsule for his original brand and character Cufflink. That experience helped him develop strong discipline in his goals and the work ethic to overcome any obstacle. With core values intact he immersed himself into his art career without limits. 


The Designer/ Illustrator.

As far as designing his mastery shines, Lavan has been designing since 2008, creating brands and creatively representing the culture. He owns a design business called Lone Wolf Ent LLC and through it he has helped small businesses with not only their visual logo but brand consultations and strategies based on his experience. He is also now Head Designer of Six Degrees, a marketing company based in Atlanta, (the Kreemo family reignited). 


As a designer Lavan is credited for working on projects for celebrities like: 

Saweetie, Amine, Jack Harlow, Post Malone, Dababy, Trouble, Preme, Wiz Khalifa, Trey songz, Trippie redd, 2Chainz, Yo Gotti, Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd, Mike will made-it, Kiyanne, Dounia, Babyrose, Fabolous, and the City Girls


As an artist Lavan has been able to work with companies like:

Rapcaviar, Revolt, Adidas, Reebok, Hendricks Gin, Bic, Sprayground, Rocawear, Akoo, Eardrummer records, Slowbucks, Diem, and Vinnies Styles


The Tattooist.

 Lavan started tattooing in 2012 learning at Think Before You Ink tattoo studio in Queens. Mainly apprenticing under Richard Parker (Maderich) he also learned a lot from OG’s like Derrick Verley (Dtatstar) and Reggie (Reggietatz). As a tattoo artist Lavan enjoys tattooing his own custom illustrations, Mostly black and grey but he doesn't shy away from occasional colored pieces. His signature style of artwork lives on the bodies of numerous clients who he appreciates and views as family, both humbled and proud of a fanbase that loves his custom work and wants it tattooed on them. His most popular client is Mike Will (Mike Will Made-it) who after a brainstorm session with lavan came up with a custom smiley face waffle on his forearm that reads “leggo of my ego”. Another accomplishment as a tattoo artist is working with the pen company BIC alongside Miryam Lumpini as an east coast rep for their temporary tattoo marker campaign “Bodymark By BIC”. Lavan sees tattooing as a way to connect with like minded admireres in his community, inspire artists who want to grow, and permanently leave his mark on the world. 

Lavan's artwork is distributed in multiple channels and they all include his signature style and signature character Cufflink. A Heart with bandaids, the bandaids symbolize the pain we all feel from being in vulnerable states, the good eye is the hope needed to see through hard times and Cufflinks fists symbolize the fight. Cufflink is the visual representation of Lavan's heart, that is why he’s in every one of his personal pieces. Even with all of the accomplishments under his belt Lavan is an insatiable artist so he creates perpetually. From these accomplishments and blessings Lavan's goal is to continue to make thought provoking art, connect with people through his artwork while focusing on his original pieces that are inspired by beauty, pop culture and his life.